Terms and Conditions


1. When referring clients who consist of a basic individual tax return only (a basic individual tax return is one
costing $110.00 or less), there must be a minimum 5 referrals received in the financial year to be eligible for a

2. The referral program will operate on all referrals received from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2018. It will be
determined at a later date whether to include referrals received after 30/06/2018.

3. To be eligible to be a referrer you must not have any outstanding lodgements for work completed by our
office. This includes but is not limited to tax returns, business activity statements, group certificates, payroll
tax lodgements, etc.

4. The setup of companies, trusts and self-managed superfunds is excluded from the referral program and no
commission will be provided for these services.

5. To be eligible to be a referrer you must have all amounts payable for work completed by our office, including
work not invoiced by Drakon Accounting & Consulting Pty Ltd, paid up to date. If there are any payments that
are outstanding more than 30 days from the invoice date then you will not be eligible for the program.

6. Amounts you are entitled to from the program cannot be used to pay invoices you have outstanding to our

7. Payments will only be payable once invoices are paid in full. If you refer a client who does not pay their
invoice in full then you will not be entitled to a payment until the outstanding amount is paid.

8. The entitlement will be for 20% of the GST exclusive amount of each invoice. e.g. If a referrer refers a client
who is then charged a total of $550.00 including $50.00 GST then the 20% will be based on $500.00 and work
out to an entitlement of $100.00 once the $550.00 is paid in full.

9. You will be entitled to 20% on the GST exclusive amount invoiced for the first two years of any clients you
refer. The start of this two year period begins when the client first makes contact with our office. e.g. if a
client calls our office on 02/07/2016 and we finish their tax return on 10/07/2016 then the start of the two
year period will be 02/07/2016.

10. There will be two options for receiving payment. These will be cash which will only be transferred
electronically or a Myer gift card that must be picked up by the referrer eligible for the payment. If we are
not notified by the referrer of their choice this will default to a cash payment through electronic transfer.

11. It is the referrer’s responsibility to ensure we have their most current bank details. If payment is made to an
incorrect account then it will be the referrer’s responsibility to chase the payment. Alternatively, if a payment
is rejected and bank fees are charged the referrer will be liable for these charges which will be taken out of
their payment.

12. All bank accounts provided for payment must be within Australia and all payments will be made in Australian
dollars. International transfers will not be accepted, nor will payments in foreign currencies.

13. The quarters and their payment dates will be the following:
• 1st July to 30th September with a payment date on or before 31st October
• 1st October to 31st December with a payment date on or before 31st January
• 1st January to 31st March with a payment date on or before 30th April
• 1st April to 30th June with a payment date on or before 31st July

14. If payment due date falls on the weekend or a public holiday then the payment due date will become the
next business day.

15. If for some unforeseen circumstance the delivery of Myer gift cards or electronic transfer is delayed there will
be no interest or late fees payable.

16. If a client makes a payment for an invoice and that payment cannot be identified (e.g. they do not put an
identifiable reference on an electronic payment) then that payment will become eligible on the date it is
identified, not the date it is received.

17. If a referrer refers any clients who exceed payment terms by 60 days (e.g. they refer somebody who has not
paid their invoice 30 days after the due date) then it is at our discretion to exclude that referrer from the
program without notice.

18. The referred client must notify us of who referred them.

19. The referred client must be a new client. They will not qualify as a referral if they have been a client of
Drakon Accounting & Consulting Pty Ltd, John Boulous Chartered Accountant or John Boulous & Associates
Pty Ltd at any point before the referral.