The second shell disabled the rear turret. To reduce draught "Gneisenau" … The Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from possessing any warship in excess of 10,000 tons displacement. Sierra Bravo+10% action time of Hydroacoustic Search-10% reload time of Defensive AA Fire. 32 KNOTS. [15] The next day, they discovered and sank the trawler Juniper, along with the oil tanker Oil Pioneer. Bookmark. [33], Repair work on Gneisenau was completed by 26 February 1942, and she was scheduled to deploy to Norway on 6 March. This page has been accessed 221,593 times. She was back in Germany when war began in September 1939. Gneisenau is the first German battleship to equip a plane catapult, capable of launching spotters or fighters for extra range, or occasional torpedo spotting and extra anti-air abilities. Torpedo Acceleration +5 knots to torpedo speed.-20% to torpedo range. All four hit the starboard side of the forward superstructure. It was estimated by the Navy planners that "Gneisenau" would be up-armed and ready for service in about 12 months time, so the up-armed 3x2 38cm "Gneisenau" was scheduled to be commissioned in April 1943. Gneisenau during gun trials off Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea, summer 1938. The explosion caused significant destruction to the side plating as well as the starboard and centerline propeller shafts. Learning when to dive in and put her secondaries and torpedoes to work (and when not to) is half the fun of learning how to play her well. The ship is fast and maneuverable, but she is not intended for torpedo runs. The explosion caused significant damage to the hull and flooded several compartments, which caused the ship to take on a half-degree list to port. During their service these ships saw several modifications. This site uses We recommend the following browsers Select Language Site search Donate Site search Donate Gneisenau left Germany for a round of trials in the Atlantic in June 1939. During the repairs, the bow was remodeled a second time to incorporate additional flare and sheer, in an attempt to improve her seaworthiness. However, these guns were modified to increase their performance: the barrel was lengthened, and the weight of the shell increased. The ship stopped for less than 30 minutes before resuming the voyage; by 03:50, Gneisenau and two destroyers reached Helgoland. During their first operation, the two ships sank the British auxiliary cruiser HMS Rawalpindi in a short battle. AB-X layout of dual mount turrets may feel lacking. In early 1942, the two ships made a daylight dash up the English Channel from occupied France to Germany. The bombs slightly damaged the main armor deck and caused some structural damage on the starboard side. Among her drawbacks were the small number of main guns and weak horizontal armor. Under the re-armament project, she was equipped with 380 mm guns that enabled her to fight off larger contemporary ships. The armour is difficult to penetrate on the German ships but I'm sure when people have got used to them it will be no different to others. Air Supremacy -5% aircraft restoration time. Completed in May 1938, the ship was armed with a main battery of nine 28 cm (11 in) C/34 gunsin three triple turrets, though there were plans to replace these weapons wit… Demolition Expert+2% chance of HE shells causing a fire on target.+1% chance of rockets causing a fire on target.+5% chance of HE bombs causing a fire on target. [35] By 06:30, they had passed Cherbourg, at which point they were joined by a flotilla of torpedo boats. Under the re-armament project, she was equipped with 380 mm guns that enabled her to fight off larger contemporary ships. Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Alternativen unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst unter die Lupe zu nehmen, sodass Sie als Kunde schnell den World Of Warships Gneisenau sich … Direction Center for Fighters+1 fighter to carrier fighter squadrons or catapult fighters. She was then drydocked in Bremerhaven for periodic maintenance on 26–29 April. On the night of 26–27 February, however, the British launched a heavy air raid on the ship. A very high-speed battleship that was close to the type of battle cruiser. [23] Severe storms caused damage to Gneisenau, though Scharnhorst was undamaged. See more ideas about Battleship, Navy ships, Warship. [33], On 12 January 1942, the German Naval Command, in a conference with Hitler, made the decision to return Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen to Germany. On the night of 26 February, the British launched an air attack on the ship; one bomb penetrated her armored deck and exploded in the forward ammunition magazine, causing serious damage and many casualties. Gneisenau and Scharnhorst operated together for much of the early portion of World War II, including sorties into the Atlantic to raid British merchant shipping. They entered the Channel an hour later; the three ships sped at 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph), hugging the French coast along the voyage. [28] On 6 April, Gneisenau was attacked by British torpedo bombers, which managed to score a single hit. Last GaspCompletely restores the engine boost for the last attack flight of the carrier's planes. [37][38] Several more attacks were launched over the next two hours, but the Luftwaffe screen repulsed them all. Only 6 main guns with questionable accuracy results in low hit ratio and damage output. [12] On the morning of 8 April, the destroyer Z11 Bernd von Arnim encountered the British destroyer Glowworm. Fans of Japanese destroyers will enjoy their fast-reloading torpedoes. [8] The modifications were completed by September 1939, by which time the ship was finally fully operational. Juliet Charlie-100% to the risk of magazine detonation. X-Ray Papa Unaone+15% action time of Smoke Generator. During the high-speed escape, both Gneisenau and Scharnhorst were flooded by significant quantities of water over their bows, which caused problems in both of their forward gun turrets. Concealment Expert -10% to the detection radius of all ships and aircraft. Scharnhorst, the lead ship, fired at Glorious 4 minutes later from a range of 26,000 m (28,000 yd). Preventative Maintenance -30% to the risk of incapacitation of main turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gear, engines. Großadmiral Erich Raeder visiting Gneisenau in 1941 while she is inside the Laninon drydock number 9 in Brest, France. Followers 0. [24], Lütjens then decided to move to a new area, as the surviving members of the dispersed convoy had sent distress signals. The damaged bow section was removed in order to attach a lengthened bow, which would correct the decrease in freeboard that would have been caused by the heavier 38 cm guns. Jack of All Trades -5% to reload time of all consumables. Malaya turned on the two battleships and closed to 24,000 m (26,000 yd), well within the range of the Germans' guns, but Lütjens refused to be drawn into an engagement. The two battleships were the subject of repeated bombing raids by the RAF; Gneisenau was hit several times during the raids, though she was ultimately repaired. Gneisenau was damaged in the action with Renown and later torpedoed by a British submarine, HMS Clyde, off Norway. Lütjens again forbade an attack, though he shadowed the convoy and directed U-boats to attack it. [13] Almost simultaneously, two of Renown's 15 in (38 cm) shells struck Gneisenau. Sierra Mike+5% to the ship's maximum speed. The length of repairs and modifications precluded participation in Operation Rheinübung, the sortie by the new battleship Bismarck in May 1941. She is capable of operating solo, but extra caution is needed when doing so; her main battery dispersion is frequently frustrating, making long-range combat decidedly not her strong suit. This step was — strictly speaking — not entirely legal. Gneisenau — German Tier VII battleship. Still, you need to learn how to get close in and brawl, without just yoloing. Gneisenau as she appeared in February 1942. She's everything you could want a sleek raider to be. Papa Papa+300% Free XP earned for the battle. The original straight stem was replaced with a raised "Atlantic bow. Historical 283mm main battery guns in three triple turrets are missing. High Alert -10% to reload time of Damage Control Party consumable. Meet The Jean Bart! The secondary armament was a mixed load out of twelve 150mm guns, mounted in four twin and four single mountings, and a dual purpose battery of seven twin 105mm guns. Gneisenau— German Tier VII battleship. [21], Admiral Günther Lütjens replaced Marschall as the commander of the squadron permanently, and on 20 June Lütjens sortied with Gneisenau, Admiral Hipper, and four destroyers in the direction of Iceland. Probably just bad luck overall. On the night of 26 February, the British launched an air attack on the ship; one bomb penetrated her armored deck and exploded in the forward ammunition magazine, causing serious damage and a large number of casualties. She eventually capsized at 19:22, at which time Glorious was burning fiercely. After reaching Kiel in early February, the ship went into drydock. India Bravo Terrathree-10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle repair. Military Art Military History World Of Warships Wallpaper Imperial Japanese Navy Ship Drawing Ship Paintings. World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay! [20], The British ships made extensive use of smoke screens. Gneisenau captured three tankers and sank a fourth, totaling 20,139 GRT of shipping. Gneisenau elevates it to ''fantastic''. The Germans' radar detected the British at long range, which allowed Lütjens to avoid the British patrols, with the aid of a squall. Though speaking of tier X Battleships this build is particularly good for Yamato ( Imperial Japanese Navy ), Montana ( US Navy ), République and Bourgogne ( French Navy ), Thunderer ( Royal Navy ). Repairs were quickly completed, and on 22 January 1941, the two ships, again under the command of Admiral Lütjens, left port for the North Atlantic. Gneisenau - German Battleship ~ BFD. Gneisenau is INSANELY FAST. Lütjens' orders prohibited him from engaging Allied capital ships, and so the attack was called off. Among her drawbacks were the small number of main guns and weak horizontal armor. Find community submitted builds for the Gneisenau in World of Warships: Legends. The Scharnhorst class was a class of German battleships (or battlecruisers) built immediately prior to World War II.The first capital ships of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine, it comprised two vessels: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. ... A very high-speed battleship that was close to the battle cruiser type. While most battleships tend to join a battle line, Gneisenau can instead join up with fast cruisers and blitz the enemy by appearing quickly from an unexpected location. [47][5] The ship was sealed and refloated on 12 September 1951 then completely scrapped,[33] though it is believed that some of her steel was used in the construction of Polish merchant vessels. I can get frustrated with various aspects of the game but the introduction of the German line has been a great addition to the game and I now look forward to my British ships next. First-rate speed for a battleship (32 knots); the fastest battleship in the German battleship tree. The ship took on a significant amount of water in the two forward watertight compartments, and she was forced to return to Trondheim at reduced speed. Improved Engine Boost +10% Aircraft engine boost time. 989 views (85 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) ... german battleship replay, gneisenau battleship, Let's Play World of Warships, live, of, replay live commentary, wargaming, wargaming games, world of warships gameplay. The entry of Deutschland and her sister ships into service led the French begin designing a new class of battlecruisers — the Dunkerque class — which would be larger, stronger, and faster. The British continued to attack the ship in drydock, though no further damage was done. Before being sunk, Glowworm rammed Admiral Hipper, though the latter was not seriously damaged. While serving as a squadron flagship, Gneisenau carried an additional ten officers and 61 enlisted men. Gneisenau. The British failed to penetrate the Luftwaffe fighter shield and all six Swordfish were destroyed. Hi all. The 28 cm guns were removed and used as shore batteries. A strong force from the British Home Fleet attempted to intercept the flotilla, but the British failed to find it. I didn't have a good winrate in the battles I had in Gneisenau, but I didn't lack in damage or kills. Ardent continued firing torpedoes after receiving serious damage that reduced her speed. It was decided to make alterations to the ship while she was drydocked for repairs; these included the installation of fourteen additional 2 cm anti-aircraft guns and six 53.3 cm torpedo tubes amidships. Vigilance +25% to detection range of enemy torpedoes. [15], At 17:45, the German battleships spotted the British aircraft carrier Glorious and two escorting destroyers, Ardent and Acasta, at an approximate range of 40,000 m (44,000 yd). Mike Yankee Soxisix+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range.-5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells.-5% to secondary battery loading time. 1:01. [27] One of the surviving ships radioed the location of the German battleships, which summoned the powerful British battleships Rodney and King George V. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau used their high speed to escape in a squall, and the intervention by the British battleships convinced Lütjens that the chances of further success were small. Scharnhorst — German promo premium Tier VII battleship.. A German battleship designed for raider operations and fighting cruisers, including battlecruisers. One torpedo hit Scharnhorst at 19:39 when she returned to her course too soon after taking evasive action. [24], On 6 February, the two ships refueled from the tanker Schlettstadt south of Cape Farewell. A salvage tug came alongside to assist in the pumping effort. The cruiser and destroyers carried the assault forces for Narvik and Trondheim, while Gneisenau and Scharnhorst provided cover for them. Battleships have traditionally been the flagships of a given nation's navy, originating from the Age of Sail's ships-of-the-line, to World War I's dreadnoughts, to modern day battleships sporting longer ranges, higher speeds, and advanced equipment. She is a battleship/battle cruiser after all. Ouroboros+777% Free XP earned for the battle. Herzlich Willkommen zum großen Vergleich. WGWiki You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section. Jan 26, 2020 - Explore Bo Tomkie's board "Scharnhorst" on Pinterest. A very high-speed battleship that was close to the battle cruiser type. Reguarding the main guns on the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, they are too powerfull in the game. Juliet Whiskey Unaone+15% chance of causing flooding.+5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating. Good anti-aircraft suite; when fully built for anti-air duties, she is deadly to enemy planes. Completed in May 1938, the ship was armed with a main battery of nine 28 cm (11 in) C/34 guns in three triple turrets, though there were plans to replace these weapons with six 38 cm (15 in) SK C/34 guns in twin turrets. Playing Gneisenau is decidedly different from playing her counterparts at Tier VII. Survivability Expert +350 ship HP for each ship tier.+15 aircraft HP for each ship tier. Lütjens ordered Hoffmann to rejoin the flagship immediately. Superintendent +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship. The armament of these ships consisted of three triple turrets with 283mm guns, the same caliber as those found on the Deutschland class. The crews of the two battleships went to battle stations, though they did not take part in the brief engagement. Basics of Survivability -15% to time of repair, fire extinguishing, and recovery from flooding. Scharnhorst was commissioned on January 9th, 1939. From a handling perspective, she's the fastest battleship out of the German line, and has no trouble keeping up with cruisers as needed. Tier 7 Premium French Battleship! Liaison officers were present on all three ships. Additionally, the reloading and hoist system saw an improvement to allow a faster rate of fire, with reloads of 17 seconds being achieved during trials. A pair of U-boats sank a total of 28,488 GRT of shipping on the night of 7–8 March. World Of Warships -T7 GNEISENAU,German Battleship, First Blood,7xCitadel,3Xkills,16X planes. (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 46 Comments: Aerroon. -50% to base chance of fire caused by HE shells. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming. [34], At 23:00 on 11 February, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Prinz Eugen left Brest. battleship. Also, find all of this stips stats and modifications. The ship was built at the Deutsche Werke dockyard in Kiel; she was laid down on 6 May 1935 and launched on 8 December 1936. Her 15-inch guns give her the capability of fighting on the same level as her peers, though she does have fewer barrels than the competition. The so-called "Channel Dash", codenamed Operation Cerberus, would avoid the increasingly effective Allied radar and patrol aircraft in the Atlantic. The mid-range anti aircraft armament consisted of eight twin 37mm Flakzwilling 30, which were designed as a weapon against medium bombers; against mono planes, however, these guns would have limited effectiveness. In 1942 — following the usage of these ships as merchant raiders — both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau received two triple torpedo launchers that had been removed from light cruisers Nürnberg and Leipzig. The Scharnhorst class was a class of German battleships (or battlecruisers) built immediately prior to World War II.The first capital ships of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine, it comprised two vessels: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. [3] The ship was launched on 8 December 1936, after which fitting-out work was begun. Gneisenau opened fire on Ardent, the nearest destroyer at 18:28. As it was peacetime, the ship carried primarily practice ammunition, with only a small number of live rounds. In the game the ships are equiped with 15 inch guns. Threatened to be overshadowed by her premium sister-ship, the Scharnhorst, the Gneisenau will not be outdone. GONE ARE THE DAYS OF SHITTY SLOW DREADNOUGHTS. [40] At 19:55, Gneisenau detonated a magnetic mine off Terschelling. Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Tightens dispersion of secondary batteries.-15% for Tier I-VI ships.-60% for Tier VII-X ships.Manually selected target only. A very high-speed battleship that was close to the battle cruiser type. The rather small caliber of her main battery guns was her main drawback, but that was offset by her higher rate of fire. The German Battleship Gneisenau, Kriegsmarine warship of the Scharnhorst class in World War II. This might be understandable in the Gneisenau's case as some people still debate which ship was the lead. By 3 February, the two battleships had evaded the last British cruiser patrol, and had broken into the open Atlantic. Gneisenau German Tier VII Battleship Skin. The collision tore a hole in the hull and caused some minor flooding. To defend its North and Baltic Sea coasts in wartime, Germany had previously built a series of smaller ironclad warships, including coastal defense ships, and armored frigates. The guns are awkward, but that's how it is with all German battleships.

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