of the program. Students develop personalized plans each semester with academic advisors and the program directors, Annie Lee, Ph.D. and Laura Salem, Ph.D. Summer coursework on our Kansas City, Missouri, campus is available in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Physics. Therapy students entering University of the Sciences in Summer 2021; other students The post-baccalaureate Master of Occupational Therapy degree is designed to prepare students as entry-level occupational therapy practitioners. Post bacc programs are offered on the undergraduate and graduate levels. broaden your options with a professional occupational therapy degree from University Courses taken during the regular academic year cost is $600 per credit hour. The following is a typical curriculum for post-baccalaureate Master of Occupational It is required that students have internet access and satisfactory computer skills Students may also enter the program as transfer students or as post-baccalaureates. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree and who wish to take program pre-requisites may enroll in the Post Baccalaureate Pre-OT Program. Completion of the OTD degree takes approximately 3 years to complete. Pre-Health Program Directors Course credits from other occupational therapy programs are not accepted. Due to a growing demand for Occupation Therapy Doctorates, most OT programs will offer the Occupational Therapy Doctoral (OTD) degree. Post-Baccalaureate Program The Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program is designed to provide post-baccalaureate students with the classes necessary to apply to medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry, or most any other allied health professional school. management system. of the Sciences. 3 Students are required to complete two level II fieldwork courses for a total of 24 Saint Louis University Occupational Therapy Program Cost of Attendance. The admission process in the occupational therapy profession is slow. The full plan for a phased return of employees and students: usciences.edu/campusguidelines. Post-Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy Program. Assignments may include on-line work, presentation Philosophy of occupational therapy education. The Post-baccalaureate format is designed for applicants who already hold a bachelor’s degree. The post-professional doctorate program ( OTD) is available for individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in occupational therapy interested in continuing their education. 2½ years of full time study. You can complete the MOT program in just 2½ years of full-time study, or the DrOT program (as of 2021) in just three years. Coronavirus (COVID-19): The latest updates about USciences return to campus: Occupational Therapy Professional Programs. should refer to their advisor for their curricula. Military Affiliated Programs Occupational Therapy Ph.D. in Translational Health Sciences Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine Pre-Medicine Academic Enhancer Programs Regulatory Affairs Students starting the Post-Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy (PostBacOT) program in summer 2020 or beyond will be applying for the OTD program following the requirements listed on our website. A post-baccalaureate certificate provides an opportunity for students to complete required foundational courses and professional preparation necessary for entrance into an Occupational Therapy education program. It enables people to function in all of their environments (e.g. First, clear the baccalaureate degree in a related field or unrelated field, then do some prerequisite course and then apply for MOT programs. Students should work closely with their academic advisor to insure their plan of study will result in being able to meet the admission requirements for the M.S.O.T. The OTD program has reached Candidacy Status through ACOTE. formats, researching the literature, and sending files electronically. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree and who wish to take program pre-requisites may enroll in the Post Baccalaureate Pre-OT Program. Post-Baccalaureate Admission Requirements Deadlines Academics Residency Finances Tuition Information Publications and Forms Check Admission Status Advising and Registration Housing Degree Partnership Programs (DPP) Students Laura Salem, Ph.D. However, due to COVID-19, classes will be delivered in a Those who are offered Pre-Admission are still required to follow the same application and interview process as required for all students. – American Occupational Therapy Association, 1100 Rockhurst Road | Kansas City, MO 64110, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis, Saint Luke's™ College of Health Sciences at Rockhurst University, American Occupational Therapy Association, Achieve and maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative and science GPA (on a 4.0 scale) each semester throughout the Post-Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy (PostBacOT) program, Cumulative undergraduate GPA minimum of at least 3.0, Strong interest in and motivation for pursuing a career in occupational therapy, Applying to the Master of Occupational Therapy program at Rockhurst is done through OTCAS – the Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service, Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, Observation hours – two different OT settings for a total of 16 hours, Three professional references/letters of recommendation, Cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended, Minimum combined science prerequisite GPA of 3.5 or higher is recommended, Personalized academic and professional coaching, Free tutoring and supplemental instruction, Pre-Health LMS page to communicate research, volunteer and shadowing opportunities in Missouri, Kansas and additional Midwest states, Kaplan Institutional Partnership with heavily discounted MCAT, DAT, PCAT and GRE courses. To assist with online learning throughout the program, all new incoming MOT students The in-person If you’ve already received a bachelor’s degree and have taken our prerequisite courses, you can complete the program in just 2½ years of full time study. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 69 (Suppl. Students may choose this option if they wish to complete some or … Students starting the Post-Baccalaureate Occupation Therapy (PostBacOT) program in summer 2020 or beyond will be applying for the OTD program, following the requirements listed on our website. Below are new occupational therapy assistant (OTA) baccalaureate-degree-level educational programs seeking accreditation (not yet holding Candidacy Status). to complete course requirements. Students who already possess a bachelor’s degree and who wish to take program pre-requisites may enroll in the Pre-OT Certificate Program which consists of all program pre-requisite courses. Communication Overview You may be considered for entry into the Post-Baccalaureate MSOT or OTD program if you've already received a Bachelor's degree in a field other than OT and have satisfied all prerequisite courses. Expert faculty members offer a combination of classroom-based education and fieldwork experiences. The Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) will be transitioning to an Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) in summer 2021.

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