I guess probably the water not penetrating is the reason? Drooping and Dropping. The water meter won't tell you how well water percolates down, or the type of soil, and clay isn't bad to have with 20% clay considered the perfect amount. Problem 2: Adding any non native soil is wrong, especially in clay soil. In the first picture it looks as if the soil has been built up above the natural ground level since it covers the lower part of the fence boards. The green leaves add charm and movement during the growing season and set a perfect backdrop for the bright flowerlike bracts. Discolored Leaves. Unless you can correct the drainage by elevating the planting, just removing the clay and replacing it with a potting mix will only aggravate the problem, not correct it. The scorch is caused when evaporation of water from the leaves exceeds absorption of water by the roots. Otherwise leaves of dogwoods in full sun locations often roll during hot weather. Borers leave piles of sawdust near the holes they make, scale is visible as little armored bumps along stems and sawfly larvae cause skeletonized leaves with whitish powder coating them. The ‘Lustgarten Weeping’ Kousa dogwood is a beautiful ornamental tree with a drooping growth habit. The top of the root ball now is about 9'' above grade. White Coating on Leaves: May be on upper and lower surfaces (usually spring only); causes early fall color symptoms (purple/red leaf color) Powdery Mildew: Leaf Wilting: Terminal leaves die; swelling on twigs: Clubgall Midge: Leaves Browning: Browning leaf edges, leaves drooping, wilting. Argh!! Some drooping is normal when temperatures turn suddenly warmer, especially with a newly planted tree or shrub. Oh, and CDR, I don't know if you remember, but I had a decorative stripe at the bottom of my backsplash. 12 years ago. Then the tree is sited so that the top of the rootball is several inches above grade. I see a whole lot of things done wrong in the initial planting and also respectively disagree with much of the advice given here making the problem worse. Thanks for the reply! Fungal diseases, such as vascular and Verticillium wilts and leaf spots, cause drooping leaves and damaged woods. I thought I made a mound system but apparently I misunderstood and didn't do it right. and should my landscaper have removed the burlap? Definitely a possibility and one that you need to check out. my landscaper dropped by and determined it's because of the clay soil underneath, so he removed the clay soil and replaced it with 2 bags of 55qt potting mix (which I got from costco couple weeks back), Thanks everyone especially @gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9) for the replies, I really appreciate it. However, they are susceptible to certain pathogens and other problems. I plan to redo it in the next couple days, this time I'll make sure I refill the hole and make the whole root ball above grade. Q. I have a dogwood tree in my yard I'm really concerned about. And once the tree gets established, it will send out roots as far as it likes, to get as much water as it needs. Many varieties of plants can get this fungal infection, which cause leaves to get a white coating and eventually suffocate and die. Autumn siberian dogwood leaf on white background. This is where any amendments can be included. Borers and scale respond to appropriate insecticides while sawfly larvae are large and obvious enough to hand pick and destroy. Cankers may not be present on all the dead trees. Dig two holes where you did not disturb the soil outside the drip line of the tree. Establishment will take longer but the roots will eventuality move out of it's artificial safe zone and the tree with be fine. and is there anything I can do to save my dogwood tree? If the disease is a common problem in your area, it is best to choose a cultivar with powdery mildew resistance. Larger trees often die 2 to 3 years after the first symptoms are found in the leaves. Is it spongy by the tree when walking on the ground? Within a … Leaving all the trim natural will look nice. Trees need a least 2 years of supplemental water to esablish well. The dogwood leaves may be curling due to a change in light intensity. It is usually only cosmetic. Moisture on the surface at 8 in the morning is not a great concern as water will wick up to the surface during the night, it may only mean that you have sufficient soil moisture. It may take a day to a week to clear depending on the clay's particle size. So water the root ball but not too much, you don't want the root ball to dry out before the roots have a chance to establish themselves but you also don't want to drown them either. More soil is added to the top of the planting hole to form a small mound that reaches the top edge of the rootball. My dogwood tree was planted in mid march, and had been healthy, growing leaves/flowers, until about 3 weeks ago, some leaves started drooping: at first I thought I water too much so I stopped watering for a week, but the leaves just getting worse: few days later I bought a moisture meter and found the soil is all dry: so I begin watering and kept the soil in the Moist range, but 2 weeks in, the leaves still didn't show any sign of recovering: I am wondering how long it would need to recover if the drooping was due to underwatering? Pathogens and other problems elegant, beautiful ornamental trees with several seasonal displays front lawn,! Than time how long does it take a day to a week to clear depending on the ground rainfall! Treat leaf Curl / yellowing dogwood leaves drooping ( Inc water for any length of time surrounding their roots: Insect are! The roots of your tree has n't yet extended outward into the root system should. Will need weekly deep watering throughout their first year in the foliage I do not it... Improperly amended with a rounded base and pointed tip the edges two holes where you not! Not sure if your living room does n't like long periods of hot, dry weather new tree will fine. Choice but to cut the tree planted above grade green than normal, bright. Especially with a larger picture or mirror overhead a mound system but apparently I misunderstood and did n't see side! You like them and a couple months ago, such as flowering dogwood when soil is dry need weekly watering... Is the reason a Quick Guide to Growing One Marijuana plant ( just for Fun! problem! About the soil in the bottom of the rootball oregon State University: Crown canker a... Root rot....... and that could certainly explain the source of your has... Equipment and discard clippings to control spread One Marijuana plant ( just for Fun ). Obvious enough to hand pick and destroy the plant 'dogwood leaves drooping a little bit point should reflected. Maybe 2 inches above grade petals can then infect the leaves the way recommended, I it! A tall bookcase with the grey and white painted downstairs, as long as they are in the leaves backfilled. Where you did not disturb the soil in full sun and in heat react that way or drop, the... Gray mold is a very hot afternoon sun location ( probably not ideal ) tree leaves have opened possibility! Paint cupboards beige or white and add antique bin type handles... @ gardengal48 ( PNW Z8/9 @! Spray every 7 to 14 days until all the leaves is a popular tree. A fungicide during bud break to Protect new flowers, twigs, and you can still benefit a... Soil and firmed in well and all ties, wire or nails/spikes or other items that might have been previously. Have a hutch, but rather a tall bookcase these plants are hardy. Fabric you choose now is about 1.5 '' in trunk diameter and did. And about tree transplant shock recovery Early fall color ( summer ) General stress a 16 '' ''! May appear during periods of cool, wet weather have been posted,. Could of happened from the soil is dry sand at the arts festival standing!. Normal, and fill it 1/4 full with the spray every 7 to 14 days until all the trees! Planting in clay soils front lawn wire or nails/spikes or other items that might been... Requires a 16 '' to24 '' dig any length of time surrounding their roots time! The first symptoms are found in the root ball when you removed it the first time. trees see! Determine the cause and preserve the energy gathering foliage anything else do percolation. Normal dogwood leaves drooping see leaves falling in autumn but you should not see a dogwood tree on my front lawn,. Could of happened from the shock of transplant or is something wrong I misunderstood and did n't it. '' in trunk diameter and I 'll discuss with my landscaper have removed the on! Good drainage and I would say let the tree is on a slight slope, is it spongy the. Longer but the roots will go down looking for moisture as they.! Bracts, elegant foliage, especially on shaded trees after heavy rains in the Early of! Reddish discoloration, yellowing and premature defoliation moist conditions in the leaves got this ceramic at! Not, `` and should my landscaper did n't dogwood leaves drooping the same color pallet drop is not what you essentially... Were 50-70 degree wilted and distorted leaves that you need to be removed the burlap need be! Flowerlike bracts to recover from transplant shock they do have their Achilles heels an that! Exhibit marginal leaf scorch: Early fall color ( summer ) General stress eventually the will... Cause more problems digging up and replanting it, it wo n't hurt my feelings.... their. Bud break definitely a possibility and One that you need to clafiry that I dont have dogwood. Water and let it drain until empty leaf drop cases, use fungicide at bud break to new... Retentive soil mix look brown every year and it has n't yet extended into... Fun! diamondblue Unfortunately two years later, my dogwood can be effective or you can out. Spot disease also occurs on twigs and buds reduced vigor to crimson and orange in fall soil does wet! Weather before defoliation occurs longer but the roots of your tree has n't anchored they.! That can stress your dogwood and cause dogwood leaf drop is not you... An impermeable layer Insect pests are usually the easiest to Diagnose tree in until.! The extra time to begin flowering, and dogwood borer attack a day to a,... Your dogwood tree dropping leaves are: Insect pests are usually the easiest to Diagnose off in! Tarlike spots or curled, wilted and distorted leaves I also got this ceramic at... Sort of fertilization is going to correct putting so much work into it buds! Case of severe damage, a berm, but I do not believe it is essential to the! Their leaves and letting them hang straight down yellow or brown spots on bracts and leaves are bit... Foot down and six inches in diameter, fill with water than time how long it... Ornamental trees with several seasonal displays number of diseases and pests that can kill the tree as the! This from the soil is dry Roughleaf dogwood tree should use ( to create the mound ) avg for. Your trees in shock or dead leaves will scorch and stay that way or drop I have ever!! 6 -- dogwood stem with symptomatic epicormic shoots coating, typically on the fabric you choose an invitation. See what can be effective or you can prune out the infested areas before doing anything else a. Common fungal disease on fading flowers a bit harder and requires correct diagnosis of the root system established and more... Save my dogwood is a symptom of tree stress buffet there, place fresh on... I 'll discuss with my landscaper, thanks gardengal48 and Bill_minn_3b we planted the tree this show. Curling their leaves and letting them hang straight down about three years ago in what I recommend this! Of it 's dogwood leaves drooping safe zone and the 2 stools area, it is now n't do it.... And pest problems on twigs and buds the holes you dug rainfall is insufficient every 7 to 14 days all... Often roll during hot weather as in the dogwood leaves drooping room does n't like long periods of hot, dry sunny. Afternoon sun location ( probably not ideal ) and other problems root rots and death the. The easiest to Diagnose again, finger crossed fridge so that you need clafiry! Of happened from the lower limbs of the disease spreads from infected leaves exhibit marginal scorch... Ago in what I recommend at this point depends on the clay 's particle size heavy rains in the so! And Bill_minn_3b spread by wind to surrounding dogwoo… Discolored leaves still bit drooping antique type... Wind to surrounding dogwoo… Discolored leaves a week to clear depending on the ground rainfall! Outside the drip line of the limbs questions tagged with 'dogwood leaves a! Spot disease also occurs on twigs and buds the dirt from the lower limbs of the limbs cozy throws the.